Black Diamond Alpacas

Our alpacas will steal your heart

About Us

     We frequently get asked, “How did you get into alpacas?”  The short answer is you don't get into alpacas - they get into you.  Actually, our meeting was a series of accidents.  We both worked in the computer industry and knew that we didn't want to spend the rest of our work careers under those stressful conditions.  We didn't know exactly what we wanted to do, but knew it was going to be in the country.  Donna had been doing a lot of traveling and saw an ad for alpacas in one of the in-flight magazine.  She thought “hmmm, interesting”.  Several months later on a walk with a co-worker she ran into alpacas again and thought, “hmmm, cute”.  She came home and told Mike about these strangely cute animals and Mike thought, “yeah, right whatever, dear”.  Fast forward a year and once again on a walk, Mike and Donna ran into alpacas again and this time, Mike was hooked.  We researched and read everything we could find, attended events, visited ranches and decided this was the lifestyle we were looking for.  Two years later, after buying land and building our dream home, we purchased our first alpacas.  Since then, we've found that alpacas are like potato chips - you can't have just two!